The traditional counties of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are 92 historic subdivisions of the United Kingdom. They are also known as the historic counties, or legally as the ancient or geographic counties.

These counties have existed for over 1,000 years in many cases, yet, particularly in the last 50, this existence has been blurred and confused, with county identities massively eroded.

Let’s rescue them before it’s too late.

Our Three Simple Objectives

🎯 Maps and roads to include historic counties as standard

🎯 End the use of ’county’ in admin area names

🎯 ‘Ceremonial counties’ realigned to match traditional counties

Simple they may be, but they are only achievable with legislation – we therefore work with Parliamentarians from all Political Parties.

What we aim to achieve

Our campaign is NOT about the boundaries of local council areas but ways to make historic counties part of every day life for every part of Britain.

Despite many supportive government statements over the years, some of Britain’s traditional counties are in danger of being lost forever. Particularly since 1974, some county identities have been crushed almost to the point of extinction.

The current confusion surrounding Britain’s counties stems from the fact that there are currently three different definitions of ‘county’ in law.

By implementing our objectives, this confusion would be removed while at the same time rescuing counties currently on the verge of extinction – and counties would return to the roles they had for centuries before the advent of modern local government – geographical areas, unrelated to councils.

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