Flags of Historic Counties flying in Parliament Square

Large Scale Map of United Kingdom Counties

A large-scale map of the United Kingdom showing the ninety-two historic counties of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Feel free to download it and use it as an electronic resource or print it for physical display.

Interactive County Map

Wikishire is a fantastic online resource and an alternative to Wikipedia, which consistently refuses to accept that traditional counties even exist, never mind properly include them on their platform.

Wikishire provides comprehensive coverage of information about places across the British Isles, with a simple search system to make it easy to use. Take a closer look.

Wikishire also has an interactive map of all traditional counties within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Search for a specific town or look for the boundaries of a particular county with ease. You never need to wonder which proper county a place belongs to again!

Flag Institute

The Flag Institute is the world’s leading research and documentation centre for flags and flag information. The Flag Institute also maintains and manages the national UK Flag Registry to ensure there is a definitive record of those United Kingdom flags which exist, both nationally and regionally.

The Flag Institute also keeps a calendar of County Celebration days.

Ordnance Survey

In 2015, the government commissioned Ordnance Survey to produce historic and ceremonial county boundary datasets representing those counties based on historic records/mapping circa 1888 and using the primary sources of the Local Government (England and Wales) Act 1888, the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1889 and the Sheriffs Act 1887.

See the Ordnance Survey dataset and online map for the historic counties.

The dataset and map also show the ‘ceremonial counties’ in the UK (whose existence contributes massively to the current confusion regarding what constitutes a ‘county’).

Government guidance on Historic Counties

In the last decade, the UK Government has issued numerous documents and guidance on the celebration of traditional counties.

Collection of Government documents on England’s traditional counties – published 1 October 2013 and updated 27 November 2014.

Guidance for councils on celebrating the historic counties – placing boundary road signs, flying county flags and celebrating county days – 16 July 2019.

House of Lords Questions on Historic Counties

We supported Lord Lexden’s efforts for cross-party questions on historic counties on 16 September 2021.

During the session, Lord Greenhalgh, Minister for Communities and Local Government, replied for Her Majesty’s Government.

Also participating were Lord Blunkett (Lab); Baroness Rawlings (Con); Lord Wallace (LibDem); Lord Hannan (Con); Baroness Blake (Lab); Lord Randall (Con); Lord Caine (Con); Lord Holmes (Con); Lord Flight (Con); Lord Cormack (Con).

The full text of Questions & Answers:

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